As a photographer, I travel through the digital world of Google Earth, aka the Cloud. In this world, I search for the beauty of our Planet as observed and captured by the many satellites around us. I look for composition in time, color and detail. The photographs I create are the product of framing, deep zooming, balance and equilibrium. This is a new and unique form of photography.

These photographs do not show how beautiful and large a country is, but present what a work of Art lies hidden in that huge thick layer of satellite imagery that surrounds us. And at the same time they show Earths vulnerability and make us humble and aware of what we are rapidly destroying.

I hope that you will see photos that make you curious. Where is this beauty? What are those colors? What am I looking at? How was this taken? But: if you only want to know where these pictures were taken, I’m sorry. These photos are not about that at all. Just look and enjoy, be proud of Mother Earth, you are part of her. Take good care of her. In all her manifestations. 

Marc Louwes
Into the Cloud photographer

Please let me know what these images tell you. You can reach me by mail on the page “about me”


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